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Graduation, piercing, doujinshi update - NIGHTmare FacTOR ~ pHASE 004
The worst foe lies within the self...
Graduation, piercing, doujinshi update
Graduated, bitches. Now to take the board exam and find a real world job. Maybe go back to school for another year to get my RN...but don't want to think about that now cuz the thought of more school is depressing.

Bought a car for $300 (only paid $150 after bullying my bro to split XD). Can't wait to stop taking the light rail.

Bath and Body Works is fucking lethal. A bitch knows she never gonna need 10 lotions, but can't help it cuz sale + nice smells. omg holiday collections. I have these anti-bacterial hand gels that smell like chocolate chip cookies, candy canes, and red velvet cupcakes. It's wonderful. i'm so girly now don't know what's happening to me.

Got my industrial piercing Wednesday. :D The placement is a little too high imo, but my piercer said that was the lowest for me as my helix tissue doesn't curl enough further down. :/ The placement on this girl is perfect and that's what I eventually wanted my ear to resemble...guess it's not possible. Stupid small ears. =_= I'll probably get the 2 lobe piercings next year when the industrial heals.

I was scared because people say this is the 2nd most painful piercing, but I honestly felt almost nothing. 2 or 4 out of 10 on the pain scale. Yeah, it stung and wasn't pleasant, but stubbing a toe feels worse. My skin up there might not be as thick as others, so probably a combo of that + maybe decent pain tolerance level + skilled piercer. What really sucked was walking in the cold wind...that shot the pain up to about 5/10 (still not painful, more annoying but I could feel how angry and throbbing it was XD). It settled down about 4 hours later and I haven't had any pain or bleeding yet (I didn't even bleed immediately after the procedure). This kind of puts me on edge because it's been too easy. We're only on Day 3 and I haven't shampooed my hair yet, so we'll see how it goes.

My friend was originally supposed to go with me and get her tragus pierced (one of those solidifying camaraderie things to celebrate our nursing program graduation) but by the end of the semester, she was dead broke and couldn't go. I'd been wanting one for 2 years, though it had always been just a fleeting thought...said fuck it and went myself since I'd already put so much research in. I probably wouldn't have gone if she hadn't spontaneously mentioned it to me 5 weeks before graduation, haha...I'm not the type of person that does shit like this tbh.

Okay, so obligatory inventory update post:

...forgot when these were acquired. Considering the last update was February, these must have been books that were bought over the past 11 months. Due to being extremely anal, I know the collection is currently at 1065 books and that I have sold 519 books. Ultimate goal is shave the entire collection size down to 600 books. ~.~

 photo 131110_0008.jpg  photo 131229_0022.jpg  photo 131229_0024.jpg  photo 131229_0026.jpg  photo 131229_0028.jpg  photo 131229_0029.jpg  photo 131227_0001.jpg  photo 131227_0004.jpg
Attack on Titan - Levi/Hanji, Eren/Annie, Jean/Mikasa.
all for sale: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/1826177/attack-on-titan-shingeki-no-kyoujin

 photo 131110_0006.jpg  photo 131110_0004.jpg  photo 131229_0016.jpg  photo 130711_0011.jpg
Pokemon - N/Touko, Subway Master/Touko.
most for sale: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/1680800/pokemon

 photo 130619_0033.jpg  photo 130711_0008.jpg  photo 131110_0024.jpg
Bleach - Ulquiorra/Orihime. First book is an awesome Korean anthology.

 photo 131110_0026.jpg  photo 130619_0032.jpg  photo 130711_0014.jpg
Reborn - Byakuran/Shouichi, Mukuro/Tsuna, Gokudera/Haru.
both 5986 sold already, yay xD

 photo 130619_0017.jpg  photo 130619_0018.jpg  photo 130711_0007.jpg  photo 130825_0002.jpg
Hakuouki - Kazama/Chizuru. Funnily enough, that KazaChizu calendar came with an OkiChizu book by Isis. XD Guess they were sharing the same table? some for sale

 photo 130619_0020.jpg  photo 130619_0022.jpg  photo 130711_0006.jpg  photo 130825_0002.jpg  photo 131110_0022.jpg  photo 131229_0014.jpg
Hakuouki - more Kazama/Chizuru
Hakuouki - Okita/Chizuru. some for sale.
Hakuouki - Saitou/Chizuru. all for sale. well, except 1.

 photo 130619_0001.jpg  photo 130711_0004.jpg  photo 131229_0008.jpg  photo 131110_0033.jpg  photo 130619_0002.jpg  photo 130619_0005.jpg
Fate/Zero - Kirei/Rin, Kariya/Sakura, Gilgamesh/Saber, Ortensia/Kirei. some for sale
someone bought all the Gilgamesh/Saber that was up on the store (thank you~ ^^). still have some in my collection that i might put up soon....

 photo 130619_0007.jpg  photo 130619_0008.jpg  photo 130711_0009.jpg  photo 131229_0001.jpg  photo 131229_0005.jpg  photo 131110_0036.jpg
Arcana Famiglia, Hiiro no Kakera. for sale

 photo 130825_0025.jpg  photo 130825_0026.jpg  photo 130825_0027.jpg
Arcana Famiglia high-quality art prints. Bought these off the HuneX site, cost around $45 after all fees. = = Totally worth it since I love the Jolly art. XD Size reference in last pic. http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/1772484/arcana-famiglia

 photo 130619_0011.jpg  photo 130711_0003.jpg  photo 130619_0010.jpg  photo 130619_0015.jpg  photo 130619_0016.jpg  photo 130825_0004.jpg  photo 131110_0011.jpg  photo 131229_0020.jpg  photo 131229_0017.jpg
Tales of Xillia - Jude/Milla, Gaius/Milla, Ludger/Milla, Victor/Ralle & Victor-centric, Yuri/Judith
Tales of Vesperia, Milla and Jude chibi Nendoroids. They are so cute!

 photo 131229_0013.jpg  photo 131110_0020.jpg  photo 130619_0024.jpg  photo 130711_0016.jpg  photo 131229_0007.jpg  photo 131110_0025.jpg  photo 9af972c9-9aa8-49e8-87c4-d31ccca98a13.jpg  photo 131110_0014.jpg  photo 130619_0035.jpg
FFVII, FFXIII, Dissidia - Tseng/Aeris, Hope/Light, Cid/Light, WOL/Prishe (sale here)
Drakengard, Nier - Caim/Angelus, Tyran/Kaine, Furiae (sale here)
Rockman - Zero/Iris, Rockman, Zero (sale here)
My friend from Korea sent me the top 2 Rockman books in the last pic. Thank you~ ^-^

 photo 131110_0016.jpg
Fire Emblem 7 - Eliwood/Ninian, Lucius/Serra

 photo 130825_0003.jpg  photo 131110_0018.jpg  photo 130619_0037.jpg  photo 130825_0011.jpg
KOF - K'/Kula (sale here)
BlazBlue - all chara, some Jin/Tsubaki, etc (sale here)
Steins;Gate - Okabe/Kurisu (sale here)

 photo 130711_0002.jpg
Illustrations of huke artbook - I already own BLK, which contains 80% of all S;G artwork in this book. You definitely don't need both, although this book is missing 1 nice colour spread from BLK.

 photo 131229_0010.jpg  photo 130619_0029.jpg  photo 130825_0005.jpg
Tiger & Bunny, Vocaloid, Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

 photo 131110_0030.jpg  photo 130619_0027.jpg  photo 130711_0013.jpg  photo 131110_0035.jpg  photo 130619_0023.jpg  photo 130711_0010.jpg
Macross Frontier, Spice & Wolf, Darker Than Black, Ao no Exorcist, Tiger & Bunny, Inu x Boku SS

 photo 130825_0028.jpg  photo 130825_0030.jpg
Random stuff. FF13:LR clear files (Light, Lumina), Kazama/Chizuru postcard, Arcana Famgilia cards (extra that came with HuneX shop purchase)

 photo 130619_0030.jpg  photo 131229_0018.jpg
Original illustration artbook, Arcana Famiglia manga
Disgaea - Prinny Squad sticker, Prinny D2 keychain

 photo 130825_0012.jpg  photo 130825_0008.jpg  photo 130825_0006.jpg  photo 130711_0017.jpg
Dead or Alive collection + Mordin figure + other figures + Prinny plushie. I have more DOA shitajiki and whatnot, but this was the stuff I wanted to display. Still cleaning my room...

 photo fighter.jpg
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate "I'm a Fighter" 12 poster set. Headache finding a frame for these because they're not a standard American poster size. 20x30 was too skinny and 22x28 wasn't long enough, so need a 22x30. I think the real measurements are 21x29. Was a little excited and didn't bother double checking before I opened the frames...so kinda wasted $30 on frames. T_T Currently modifying the 22x28 to fit. That Kasumi poster shall be framed one day, lol. More pics: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/135128802/dead-or-alive

 photo 130825_0016.jpg  photo 130825_0017.jpg  photo 130825_0018.jpg  photo 130825_0019.jpg  photo 130825_0020.jpg  photo 130825_0021.jpg
Dead or Alive postcards, PS2 memory card stickers (?), full size posters, 3-D display stands, figures, shitajiki, etc. Some for sale: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/135127308/collectibles-merchandise

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