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I'm so sad. Weekend is over before it's even began. T_T Up since 7am… - NIGHTmare FacTOR ~ pHASE 004
The worst foe lies within the self...
I'm so sad. Weekend is over before it's even began. T_T

Up since 7am handling doujinshi sales stuff (2pm now)...tomorrow is already shot cuz it's gonna be spent studying with my group. Huhu.

Gotta push through until December (if i make it to the end).

Think I passed mental health clinical...not sure yet. Passed the theory portion (83%, woot woot). The instructor said that no one has ever gotten an A in her class, so the fact that I made it into the 80% club is pretty awesome. From all the complaints on facebook, seems a majority are in the 70% range...hope we all passed cuz remediation is gonna suck for them.

Next rotation is OB, but apparently the hospitals are going through some changes and only allow RN students, so our school lost the contract...won't get to see any live births. :( Our program is LVN, though we can eventually become RNs if we wish by moving on to the LVN-RN bridge program.

Last rotation is at Valley House (long term care). The times run from 1pm to 11pm. What the hell, lol.


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cbauman From: cbauman Date: March 4th, 2013 04:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
working in medical has got to be crazy hours. hope to see you sometime on PSN add me: cbauman

meanwhile, I've put the time between work and my ambitions into getting back in DDR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR4JisU9eXA
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