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NIGHTmare FacTOR ~ pHASE 004 — LiveJournal
The worst foe lies within the self...
Oh, the story of my life. Applies to several situations.

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Skyrend's doujinshi collection (weird het database extraordinaire)

- skyrendsales -
latest doujinshi, video game, & anime sales. other items also available.

- radiantfall || extra scans -
random scans. if a file is missing, let me know and i'll hook it up. :P

the currently active network of pointless fan things

RadiantFall Trophy Card
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Stuff acquired since February-June.

 photo IMG_20140605_151253.jpg  photo IMG_20140605_151412.jpg  photo IMG_20140605_151437.jpg  photo IMG_20140605_151419.jpg
Final Fantasy XIII Serah Engagement Necklace
This was a nightmare...tried to order it at 3 different shops (Square-Enix USA site & 2 overseas). USA was OOS, cdjapan was OOS, but my proxy was able to get one from the official JP shop. *joyful tears* Actually only paid for 1 since the incompetence stat is fairly high with a certain shop. Tried to cancel beforehand but was told it was too late and they shipped anyway...best part is that they didn't even bother pursuing when my card blocked the charge due to insufficient funds. Ordering Drakengard 3 drained the account and saved the day. Love it. 2 for 1 deal. o/

 photo IMG_20140531_053640.jpg  photo IMG_20140531_053107.jpg  photo IMG_20140531_053204.jpg  photo IMG_20140531_053223.jpg
Final Fantasy X Limited Edition + Drakengard 3 Collector's Edition
Made 2 duplicate orders cuz my credit card was set to expire...also because I don't trust Digital River to come through for me (see what happened above with Serah's necklace). But they did. Now I'm stuck with 2 copies. Aah, glorious frustration....hnnnnngh... Althought the DOD3 CE isn't as epic compared to the Japanese one, I love it. If I wasn't selling the 2nd one, I'd love to have 2 posters. 2nd FFX already sold.

Drakengard & Nier
Doujinshi, phone straps, postcard art book from Japanese CE & rare promo cut-outs. Missing Zero & Mikhail from the cut-outs, but that's ok; only really wanted Two-sama and Three-sama. *-*

Tales of Xillia

Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei x Botan, Kurama x Botan, Yusuke x Keiko, Kurama x Shizuru, etc
Finally found more Hiei/Botan doujin~ Selling all except 6 of the HiBo ones.

Final Fantasy & Dissidia



Guilty Gear, King of Fighters


Magi: Labyrinth of Magic - Judar x Kougyoku

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic - Alibaba x Morgiana

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic - Kouen x Hakuei, Kouha x Aladdin

Attack on Titan - Levi x Hanji Levihan, Jean x Mikasa

 photo 140320_0042.jpg
Macross Frontier, Star Ocean 3

Inu x Boku SS


Arcana Famiglia

Fate Zero, Valkyrie Profile

Reborn! - Byakuran x Shouichi

Dead or Alive - metal plates & DOA5 Kasumi mini poster/sticker

Kasumi Jacket

2006 Calendar + 2 posters

 photo 140320_0007.jpg
Gundam SEED - Athrun x Cagalli


 photo IMG_20140531_040634.jpg  photo IMG_20140531_040652.jpg  photo IMG_20140503_180836.jpg  photo IMG_20140531_034434.jpg  photo 003.jpg
Sailor Moon
Those transformation wand phone jacks were the first anniversary items I purchased (no regrets)...then it kinda snowballed into everything below. XD

Sailor Moon stationary stuff

Sailor Moon Hot Topic Silhouette shirt (large)
Had to re-buy this in a size Small which fits perfectly. Swear this large was equivalent to XL or XXL. Even after it shrunk in the dryer, there was still enough room to fit another C-cup chest in there...could make it work if I cut up and made a halter top, but dunno if I'd wanna make this my first DIY shirt project.

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real lifeCollapse )

Okay, so obligatory inventory update post:

...forgot when these were acquired. Considering the last update was February, these must have been books that were bought over the past 11 months. Due to being extremely anal, I know the collection is currently at 1065 books and that I have sold 519 books. Ultimate goal is shave the entire collection size down to 600 books. ~.~

 photo 131110_0008.jpg  photo 131229_0022.jpg  photo 131229_0024.jpg  photo 131229_0026.jpg  photo 131229_0028.jpg  photo 131229_0029.jpg  photo 131227_0001.jpg  photo 131227_0004.jpg
Attack on Titan - Levi/Hanji, Eren/Annie, Jean/Mikasa.
all for sale: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/1826177/attack-on-titan-shingeki-no-kyoujin

 photo 131110_0006.jpg  photo 131110_0004.jpg  photo 131229_0016.jpg  photo 130711_0011.jpg
Pokemon - N/Touko, Subway Master/Touko.
most for sale: http://skyrend.ecrater.com/c/1680800/pokemon


 photo 130825_0012.jpg  photo 130825_0008.jpg  photo 130825_0006.jpg  photo 130711_0017.jpg
Dead or Alive collection + Mordin figure + other figures + Prinny plushie. I have more DOA shitajiki and whatnot, but this was the stuff I wanted to display. Still cleaning my room...


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I'm stuck in the Etsy blackhole. My wallet weeps. XD Already bought an awesome pair of Mass Effect 3 dangle earrings.

Been searching for Assassin's Creed jewelry after having laid eyes on the official NECA necklace...sadly, it had been sold out everywhere for at least a year by then. These items on Etsy look even better than the official ones available on the ubistore (cheaper price, too):

Assassin's Creed pendant

Assassin's Creed earrings

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I'm so sad. Weekend is over before it's even began. T_T

Up since 7am handling doujinshi sales stuff (2pm now)...tomorrow is already shot cuz it's gonna be spent studying with my group. Huhu.

Gotta push through until December (if i make it to the end).

Think I passed mental health clinical...not sure yet. Passed the theory portion (83%, woot woot). The instructor said that no one has ever gotten an A in her class, so the fact that I made it into the 80% club is pretty awesome. From all the complaints on facebook, seems a majority are in the 70% range...hope we all passed cuz remediation is gonna suck for them.

Next rotation is OB, but apparently the hospitals are going through some changes and only allow RN students, so our school lost the contract...won't get to see any live births. :( Our program is LVN, though we can eventually become RNs if we wish by moving on to the LVN-RN bridge program.

Last rotation is at Valley House (long term care). The times run from 1pm to 11pm. What the hell, lol.


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So, been awhile...

blah blah life related, video games, etcCollapse )

Doujinshi & Website: Umm, updated the online store with most of the items below. Collection website is updated on my HD but not online...dunno when I'll get to updating anything other than the sales.

This is everything I've gotten over the past 3-4 months (since 1st semester nursing let out). Got a new phone so my camera got upgraded as well (see how different some pics look. 3 different batches xD). Dunno why Photobucket keeps resizing the pics from my new phone. My older phone pics look better+bigger. :/

Let me know if anything looks interesting, I'll probably scan it...eventually...haha.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Arcana Famiglia doujinshi - Jolly/Felicita, Luca/Felicita, Ash/Felicita, Nova/Felicita. Whoo, my latest fandom. Hoping it will be the last big one (this is what i said for Hakuouki and see what happened...sigh).

Photobucket Photobucket
Arcana Famiglia official merchandise. 2 art books, 2 novels, 1 comic anthology, 2 phone straps, some cards, 1 magazine poster. Usually don't buy posters, but I love the artwork so much. @@ The 1st artbook is apparently HTF now? The 2nd artbook is only worth it if you like Ash + has a few more of the newer released artworks. I was kinda disappointed but do love it anyway.

rest under cut cuz it's hugeCollapse )

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Yay, passed all my finals. Studying paid off.

I've been drunk for 2 days straight, lol. Bought some new booze yesterday...Kahlua coffee liqueur for $16.99 at Safeway. Gonna mix that shit with some chocolate milk and see how it goes. Day 6 of celebration week, woohoo~

This is only the first leg of my journey. 2 more semesters after this. Oh gods. I'm afraid for mental health rotation next semester. The instructors didn't let us pick our clinical groups this time. I've already begun the anticipatory grieving process. Probably won't end up on the same rotation as any of my friends.

Back on my diet after this week. Been eating out almost every week...actually, almost every day this week (hey, it's celebration week! why not.). Huhu, my FAFSA money. xD I've spent almost $200 hanging out with my new friends (not to mention gaining maybe 5lbs). Back to my diet and exercise regimen after this week. Except for Christmas and New Years.

I'll start working again tomorrow. So many backed up e-mails and packages. :/

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omg, dying.

I think it's the 8th week of the program.

Not keeping track anymore since clinical started. mid-terms next week.

Love how they give us the Pharm and Fundamentals final on the same day. Then attend clinical the same day? Which is a waste because we're only there 2 hours on Tuesday. What's the point in that? = =

9 chapters of workbook due on 10/23 + studying + a million chapters of Pharm, dunno why I'm here dicking around.

Pharm mid-term is going to be a complete disaster. My grade is 95%+ thus far, but it only comprises the learning checks & online quizzes. I honestly have not even opened this book unless it was skim over info for an online quiz. Always fall asleep in the morning during lecture, so obviously not absorbing anything that way. I have no idea what's going on in this class...something about NSAIDs and umm...dunno. We'll see how it goes next week, lol.

Clinical: kind of sucks. the facility we're at is very slow. I heard the other clinical groups are assigned patients in partners...argh, why do I get the only instructor that splits us up individually? It's not like we're isolated or anything, but we each have our own patient. I'm one of those people that need to see someone actually performing a task/routine before I have any confidence to do it myself. Also because my social skills suck...been trying to tag along with classmates whenever they see their residents so I can copy their interaction style. I have 0 social skills of my own. =o= Think I'm improving...I actually attempt small talk now.


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The nurses/CNAs are pretty rough with the residents...they assigned me a difficult patient for my first feeding. Lady wouldn't open her mouth and ofc dunno what to do. Had to call in one of the staff and she mixed up the food and shoved it in there. Not gentle or anything and gave her almost the full spoon (while I'm over here giving little portions of the egg, barely even half the spoon).

I guess you gotta be a little forceful if they have trouble opening their mouth, but damn. x.x

And talking to them. My problem is I don't talk, lol. Must find my courage somewhere.

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Hakuouki doujinshi scan - http://radiantfall.livejournal.com/3472.html

More scans coming soon. @@

Hmm, and I thought Arcana Famiglia would be a safe fandom because there's almost no doujinshi for it. Fucking wrong. It's just so new that it's only getting started. I have like 20 books now. XDDD This is another expensive one cuz everyone on auction wants the Luca and Jolly books. I'm about to drop $40 on 2. Yeah, I've been making money again. But it only goes back into the hobby. So I'm not making anything really? Argh. x.x Damn otome games. =_=

Think I went to bed at around 8 or 9 and woke up at 4am...and I'm still tired. wtf?

I hate nursing school. So much. The only thing keeping me going is the 'if they can do it, so can I' frame of mind. 3-5 hours of homework every night and an exam or quiz every week or two. I'm fucking mentally exhausted. Physically is also a mess, lol.

I shouldn't be complaining because others work and have kids. Dunno how they do it. Someone said the only time they have to study is during lunch break for 15mins...lol, I wouldn't be able to do it. I have all day and still manage to do nothing. XD

Well, ok. I read 1.5 chapters after school during study group. We actually have to read 2 chapters + do the work book for each, but that's never going to happen cuz it would take me 4 hours to do each one. I'm sorry, but my concentration doesn't last that long.

It's actually worse because I have to play catch up now. 4 chapters to read cuz our exam #2 was yesterday. Guess what I was doing all weekend instead of reading the chapters for Tuesday's class? Yeahhh. I'm behind maybe 10 hours in homework now. Ughhh. u.u

Surprised I'm not failing anything. 84% on yesterday's exam. wtf? Where did it come from? That exam was crazy...more than half the test I couldn't answer on the first pass through. Relied on common sense mostly. I'm honestly not retaining much information but my scores are good. Feel bad for my friend because she's failing and she knows much more than me. If you put me on the spot and ask me to find all the pulses, I wouldn't be able to do it but she can.

Must be because I learn best reading/writing and tests usually aren't a big problem, always find some way with minimal studying. I suck on the actual skills. She mentors me all the time during lab. She definitely deserves to pass. :/

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